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We provide businesses cyber security consultancy solutions tailored to suit your needs. To get a quote based on per hour session please use the link below.

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Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Custom Dedicated servers made to your Specifications whether its for your business online presence or to host your custom aplications.

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Frontline Cyber Security LTD Blog

This Article Explains Some Of Our Hosting Solutions & What Purposes They Suit.

Starter Web Hosting Explained

Frontline Cyber Security LTD starter web hosting is designed for small company start-ups or personal web space like a blog or photo gallery.

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If your business is just starting out in life and you are looking to gain a web presence this solution is the perfect choice it comes packed with all the features you will need including email, firewall, virus protection, php5+, load balancing and much more.

Starter Web Hosting Features

  • Web Space:- 1GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth:- Unlimited *
  • Operating System:- Windows Or Linux
  • Recovery:- Enabled
  • Python:- 2.4.3
  • Perl:- 5.8.8
  • PHP:- 5.4.36
  • Apache:- 2.2
  • ASP, SHTML:- Enabled
  • ASP.NETv4:- Windows Only
  • Microsoft Access:- Windows Only
  • Windows Server 2008:- Windows Only
  • Error Pages:- Included
Starter Web Hosting Email Features
  • POP3 Mailboxes:- 5 Included
  • Webmail:- Enabled
  • Email Aliases:- Enabled
  • Catch All:- Included
  • Mail Autoresponders:- Included
Starter Web Hosting Security Features
  • Firewall Protection:- Enabled
  • Password Portection:- Enabled
  • Virus Protection:- Enabled
Starter Web Hosting Support
  • Telephone Support:- Included
  • Eamil Support:- Included
  • Email Aliases:- Enabled
  • Online Support:- Included
  • Support Ticket:- Included
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