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Schools Out Cyber Awareness 2017 Summer Holiday Safety Guide

As many schools are ready to ring the final bell before the summer holidays we would like to take this opportunity to give you some simple steps to ensure your safety online. We all know that teenagers in the 20th century are online more and more using their favourite social media sites and instant messaging software to stay in touch with friends while not at school.

Social Media Tips:-

  • Only add people you actually know ( This means you have met them IRL not just a mutual friend. )
  • Check location services in applications to ensure they are not displaying where you currently are. ( Snap Chat has a feature to show you live on a map PLEASE TURN THIS OFF. )
  • Enable two factor authentication on social media platforms that allow you to add a phone number for password resets.
  • Be aware of what pictures you share and also personal information ( Use privacy settings to make sure only people you want the images or details to go to get them.)

Lets move on to surfing the web safely. We all enjoy browsing our favourite sites but do we all make sure we are safe while on the web..... I thought not well lets give you a few top tips on browsing safely.

Internet Browsing Tips:-

  • If you use I am very impressed if not then give it a try its powered by Google to deliver filtered search results for images news and videos. ( Keeping you and your device safe. )
  • When you find that DVD, Game or Make up you really wanted when navigating to the shopping cart always check there is a padlock in the top left of the address bar. ( This ensures your data that is sent over the payment and customer details page is being sent over a secure connection. Never pay if there is no padlock very important ). Note: If the selling site uses a PayPal this is perfectly OK as you will be taken away from the site to paypal were the payment is taken before returning you to the merchant site.

We are now going to address online gaming. As we no many of you will endure relentless hours sat at your favourite console or gaming PC here are a few tips to take into consideration while online gaming with friends.

  • Never give out your login details to anyone ( Even if they promise you all the highest levels of armour or millions of coins etc. ( You will not only loose the account and maybe never get it back but also the added risk of personal details you entered when signing up)
  • Game sensibly an hour or two will not hurt but its good to take a brake refresh the blood flow to your body take a walk fresh air is really good in the summer (LOL)
  • When gaming in a party or group make sure the party has privacy settings on to stop unwanted people joining and spoiling your game.
  • CyberBullying if you forgot the point above when someone joins you and you do get frustrated as they will not leave willingly calmly without being abusive or offencive to them navigate to the party and remove them ensure you close the game or party 1st or they will rejoin.
  • When you are in a game and people are being aggressive or abusive mute them or leave the game and report there account / block them cyberbullying cause mental damage to people even when you can not see them or no them think about how you like to be spoken to and treated before responding.

Thank you for reading this short child cyber safety guide we hope it helps you stay safe online this summer.

Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Report written by Frontline Cyber Security Ltd

Newark On Trent

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